First You Should Know

About Bath Fizz & Melt

Five years ago I fell in love with a pretty bath bomb, sitting on a shelf, wrapped in pink polka dot paper and decorated with two tiny hearts. My desire to create my own unique product was too great to ignore – my journey of discovery started right then and there. So, through tears and mess and failures and experimentation the beautiful Bath Fizz & Melt Cupcake Bath Bomb was born…. my creation…. my masterpiece.

Since then, Bath Fizz & Melt have introduced the Cup Cake and Swamp Cake Bath Bombs to some of the most wonderful children, young people and adults across Northern Ireland via the Birthday party and Workshop experiences.

Our Mission

To bring joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort into the lives of the young, the old and everyone in between.

Our Values

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    To adhere to EU Cosmetic Regulations
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    To treat participants with respect, equity and without judgement
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    To deliver the best in all we do.

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